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My Current Research Plan

by Anna Wahler

My historical fiction manuscript, So Long as we Live is currently in its second round of beta readers.
For me, historical accuracy is very important. You can check out my thoughts, as well as Amanda Mae’s in this post here. I couldn’t imagine seeing my manuscript as complete unless I had made it as close as possible to something that could have really happened in 1939 and ‘40. (more…)

Compelling Historical Villains

vilainsthumbnailby Anna Wahler

Historical fiction is no different from other genres in that a strong antagonist makes for a strong story. But when it comes to history, your villains can no longer be wizards, starship captains, or dystopian overlords. They have to come from real places, and often involve real events that had devastating effects. That’s why I believe that historical villains need a little extra attention.




Portraying Real People in Historical Fiction

thumbnailrealpeopleby Anna Wahler

History is full of captivating men and women–without any character building required. But writing about human beings that really existed can come with a whole other slew of potential issues. Many writers have successfully integrated real men and women from history into creative works, and others have been criticized for this act. Currently, I haven’t attempted to write a work of fiction centered on a real historical figure, but it’s a concept that’s very interesting to me. Below are some thoughts on the art of pilfering real characters from the pages of history.
For the purpose of this post, I’m writing about fiction in which a historical person takes a leading role. Cases in which a fictional protagonist crosses paths with a well-known and real historical figure are a completely different subject. (more…)