Country in my Heart

Welcome to the in-progress page for my historical fiction manuscripts! I’m so glad you stopped by!


My series is made of three novels taking place over the years 1939 – 1946, in Poland and England.


So Long as I Live is the story of Tadeusz Stern, an young Air Force officer who leaves Poland after the German invasion, to continue the fight from England. But when he is hospitalized and treated with morphine he realizes not all enemies can be fought in combat. Can his love of his country and his fellow pilots be enough to triumph over his human failings?


Cynamon continues Tadeusz’s life in exile in England, as the political situation between Poland, the UK, and the Soviet Union takes a sinister turn. The story also follows former WAAF member Verity Lovegood, as she struggles to find her place again in civilian life.


Street of Peacocks follows Tadeusz’s aeroplane mechanic Anatoli Ryszkowski, who returns to Warsaw as a trained saboteur. As the Warsaw Uprising breaks out, he is forced to make an impossible choice to save the family he loves.


Editing for all three novels is in progress now! Check back for updates, and feel free to contact me via the link in the menu bar above!