So Long as We Live


So Long as We Live is now available for beta reading!

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After the defeat of his country in September, 1939, Tadeusz Sztern, an ambitious, twenty-two year old pilot in the Polish Air Force, flies with the surviving members of his squadron across Europe to Great Britain to join up with the Royal Air Force—their last hope of fighting against the Germans who invaded their homeland.

In the following summer, the Battle of Britain breaks out, and the freedom of the British Isles has never seemed so fragile. Tadeusz, having formed a close friendship with his dubious mechanic Anatoli Ryszkowski and Womens Auxiliary Air Force volunteer Verity Lovingood, finds himself facing English prejudice, personal conflicts between his pilots, and wavering morale within the whole squadron.

While flying mission after mission, Tadeusz struggles to continue fighting for an alien country while keeping alive the hopes of his fellow airmen, even as he himself becomes increasingly vulnerable to the physical dangers of aerial combat, as well as the human disasters of his own creation on the ground.