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Queer History: Four Times LGBT People were Erased from History

Queer History

by Amanda Mae Downey In just fifty years, life for the LGBTQ+ community has gotten better in many ways. Not only is there more visibility in the media, but people are generally more accepting, and in recent years, rights have Read more…

Five Real-Life Princesses to Inspire your Next Character

real-life princesses

by Amanda Mae Downey Princesses and Princes get the short end of the royal scepter. Blame it on the fairytales if you want, but we just don’t give them the same respect we give their family members. Princesses have ended Read more…

Portraying Real People in Historical Fiction

by Anna Wahler History is full of captivating men and women–without any character building required. But writing about human beings that really existed can come with a whole other slew of potential issues. Many writers have successfully integrated real men Read more…