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A Closer Look at the Rights of Viking Age Women

Viking Women

by Amanda Mae Downey So if you aren’t aware, yours truly is a freelance writer and viral content creator. Recently, I found myself tasked with doing a work project on Vikings which I took very seriously. I mean, who doesn’t Read more…

Five Real-Life Princesses to Inspire your Next Character

real-life princesses

by Amanda Mae Downey Princesses and Princes get the short end of the royal scepter. Blame it on the fairytales if you want, but we just don’t give them the same respect we give their family members. Princesses have ended Read more…

Signs Your Historical Female Character Needs a Stronger Role

by Amanda Mae Downey Not too long ago, a colleague of mine was very excited to tell me that he was writing a book. When I asked him what it was about, he immediately confessed to not writing female characters. Read more…